Social media started out as a way to connect with friends, but it has evolved into so much more. Businesses can leverage social media branding to grow their brand and connect with both existing and potential customers – if they know what they’re doing. Social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, are ruled by algorithms. Those algorithms are always changing, so figuring out the right long-term strategy for your brand can be a challenge.

To further complicate matters, social media is full of other businesses all trying to connect with customers. Despite these challenges, there are brands that find a way to dominate on social media and actively engage with their followers. Check out these six tricks to elevate your social media efforts and get more leads.

1. Share Content Several Times

Make the most of your blog posts by promoting them on social media multiple times. Sharing posts several times increases visibility which in turn increases engagement and traffic to your site.

Keep things fresh and interesting by changing up the content each time you post. Get creative and swap out text and images to entice users to like, share and comment. Try to post at different times in order to reach users who may have missed the post the first, second or third time around.

2. Build Anticipation

The more interesting your post is, the more likely users will follow the link to learn more. Add statistics, intriguing quotes and more to generate excitement and anticipation. Whenever possible latch on to trends. Incorporating trending topics into your social media posts can help raise awareness and increase engagement of your posts, but this trick works best when it is relevant and appears natural.

3. Promote Audiences Participation

User-generated social media content can keep your feed flowing and help establish relationships with your followers. Encouraging your audience to post photos and videos can keep your feed full without a major time investment on your part. Make sure to remind users to tag your brand in the posts, so they show up in your feed and help to broaden your reach. Consider creating a custom hashtag, so the posts are searchable and easy to find.

Looping followers into the content creation process takes engagement to a new level. Users will form a bond with your brand and this can help transform users into brand ambassadors.

4. Use the Right Hashtags

Compelling and engaging content is a must, but if this content doesn’t reach your audience your efforts are for nothing. Hashtags are basically search terms that can be used to find posts and help to ensure your content lands in front of the right people. Crafting relevant and interesting hashtags is an integral component of any social media branding strategy.

Finding the right hashtags is a careful balance. You want hashtags that are interesting, engaging and pull readers in, but when using established hashtags avoid anything too popular. Extremely popular hashtags may present a high level of competition and your posts may become lost.

More does not translate to better when it comes to hashtags. Too many hashtags may take away from the content of your post. Hashtags should also be tied in to the content and message of the post.

5. Collaborate with Industry Leaders

Large brands, media and industry influencers have sizable followings. Partner with these users to position your brand in front of a larger audience. Influencers often have loyal followings, so when this individual works with and vouches for your brand that endorsement can help grow your following.

Collaborating with influencers can prove to be very effective, but you need to find the right influencers. The right partner for your brand will share the same target audience. Working with the right partner can increase the awareness of your brand.

6. Do Some Good

Consumers like to support brands that support social causes. Supporting a cause that aligns with your brand’s values can help make a positive impact and show personality while also endearing your brand to followers. Studies show millennials are even willing to spend more in order to support brands that in turn support causes they believe in.

7. Up Your Customer Service Game

Customer service is possibly one of the best methods to retain customers. Answering questions and resolving issues can help customers gain a better understanding and appreciation of your products or services. Extend your customer service to social media. Encourage users to ask questions and be prepared to handle anything that comes up.

Put customers to work for your brand by soliciting feedback. Ask customers to leave reviews and ratings on your social media accounts. This firsthand information helps establish trust and sway purchasing decisions for other customers. User feedback can also provide invaluable information to help you make process and service improvements and ultimately help customer satisfaction.


Social media branding can attract new followers and further establish your relationship with existing customers and increase your online presence while also moving users through your sales funnel. These are some stellar benefits, but the thing is you have a lot of competition all fighting to gain the attention of the same users. Including these tips into your social media branding strategy can help your brand stand apart.

Do you have some social media branding tips that have helped your brand stand out and connect with customers? Please share what has worked for you!