Owning a small business can have difficulties with marketing. Your time is valuable. Marketing takes expertise and knowledge of a variety of market strategies for effectiveness. Engaging a marketing agency can provide a small business with several benefits ranging from time and money savings, to expertise and perspectives. Think about what you can accomplish with the time you save with a marketing agency.

Although many small businesses believe they are saving money taking care of the marketing themselves, they may actually be costing the company money. The small business may need to consider salaries, marketing tools like software applications and hardware, expertise, market knowledge and project times.

When comparing a marketing agency to small business internal marketing staff remember you also need to look at the aspects of the marketing plan. If the small business is ambitious and wants an aggressive marketing campaign, a single person in the company may not keep up with the demand of the plan. A marketing agency has the resources to provide for all aspects of the project.

Time Savings Benefits

Many small business owners believe that they can effectively market their business. But, marketing your business takes time and resources. You may need to spend countless hours writing a blog or social media post that does not produce the results you are looking for. Not to mention the research that needs to go into the marketing. Your research needs to include your target market, branding, demographics and competitors.

A marketing agency can free up your time from marketing. This free time can allow you to focus on other aspects of your business. An agency can also provide your business with faster turnaround times for projects because it focuses solely on marketing your business. The marketing agency does not require training like an in-house employee. So, as a business owner you are saving time on training when you contract a marketing agency.

Marketing Agency Expertise Versus In-House Marketing

Many small businesses believe they can handle the marketing, but they may not have the knowledge to create effective marketing plans. There are so many avenues that a small business can take for marketing and advertising. Understanding and knowing which roads can benefit your company the most is key to success.

A single person in a small business can write a blog or create a social media campaign. But would that individual have the knowledge of effective keywords for search engine optimization (SEO) or pay per click advertising. These things can help increase the traffic to your website. When you use a marketing agency, it has the resources and knowledge available to provide effective keywords for the SEO and setup a pay per click advertising campaign not to mention running effective social media blitzes.

Another significant difference between an agency and internal marketing individual is the access to the tools needed to create the different campaigns. When you look at a marketing agency, it has all the updated tools like software and hardware to complete any project. The purpose of the agency is to provide services to the clients by focusing only on the marketing aspect of the business. The agency can purchase these tools and then utilize each of the tools for all of its clients. The agency is also able to update their tools more often because the agency can distribute costs across all the clients. Where a small business would need to purchase any of the software or hardware for marketing purposes it can cost a pretty penny depending on the need. The small business may not have or struggle to get the capital money for new or upgraded equipment.

Monetary Benefits

The monetary benefits of an agency are most likely the biggest factor to consider. The annual difference is substantial. When you think about a dedicated marketing person in a small business, you not only have the salary expense but everything else that comes with it. In addition to the salary, the company will need to pay taxes, social security, Medicare, medical, training, sick time and vacation time. The annual amount can easily exceed $100,000.00 per year for an employee. But a marketing agency requires a contract fee and an administrative charge. The contract fee is a monthly fee to cover the agency’s personnel on your account. The administrative fee is a monthly fee that helps cover the costs of the software, equipment and supplies. The administrative fee costs are lower than a small business purchasing the same equipment on their own.

Since the marketing agency’s main focus is marketing for other businesses, it can use the available capital money to reinvest in the tools of the trade. A small business on the other hand needs to look at investing in all aspects of the business. The small business cannot focus capital money on only one area. This benefit provides the agency with the advantage of having the newest tools and equipment over your small business.

As a small business, another aspect to consider is training. When you have a marketing employee it will take time for them to train, this means you have expenses too. The training expenses include the salary and benefits but also the costs for training seminars, software classes and travel (if necessary). You need to also consider the company may not see the benefits from a new marketing employee right away. It may take some time for the results become visible. If you use an agency you do not have training costs. The agency personnel are ready to tackle the marketing projects you throw at them.

Different Perspective

If you cannot decide on whether to hire an employee or contract an agency for your marketing needs, you may want to consider a different perspective. When you have an employee, they may try to stick with the perspective of the company. An employee may not think outside the box if he or she fears there may be consequences. Bringing in someone not affiliated with the company can provide a different way of looking at things. When you look at something from the outside, you may see things many overlook because it is always there. You can have a fresh set of

    eyes so to speak. It’s like when you are looking at numbers for so long you can’t see your mistake but when you walk away for a little bit it just jumps out at you.

    A marketing agency has the benefit of working with several different clients which can provide other ways of looking at things. For example, your company may want to try a marketing approach and the agency has a campaign similar to the approach you want you use. They can provide you with information like:

    • Was the campaign successful?
    • What did not work?
    • Should you do things differently?
    • Is this campaign the best fit for your company?
    • Should you consider something in addition to this to reinforce the outcome?
    • When is the best time to initiate the campaign?

    Available Marketing Services

    A marketing agency can offer a small business a variety of services or packages. Depending on the marketing agencies, the breakdown of the packages may include social media, data marketing and funnels and emails.

    A social media package may market your company on sites like Facebook or Instagram, provide your company with a social media manager, write the content, provide a set number of posts per day or week and provide an analysis of the data. The package may also give you a range of new followers each month. The agency will update the content and keep the site fresh and exciting.

    A data marketing package is the advertising for your company on the different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google. Your company may also have an ad manager, ad design, develop strategies, define your target audience, optimize your hits and provide site integrations.

    The funnels and email package may provide your company with custom logo design, graphic designs, funnel design and implementation.

    Many agencies may offer the services in the packages separately. But, a combination of packages can provide the most benefit by utilizing the different approaches to gain followers. So, if you are looking for an aggressive marketing campaign for your company consider a combination of packages to increase your presence and increase your sales.

    The Next Step

    If you would like to discuss how a marketing agency like The F.A.M.O.S. Group can benefit your small business, contact us for a free consultation. We can review your marketing needs and help you determine what the best marketing campaign is for your company.