When Google’s algorithms rank business websites, one of the most important properties that they look for in that website is how well it is rated. On average, businesses on the first page of Google search results pages have a rating of just under four and a half stars and 64 percent of businesses in the top three positions are rated between four and five stars. High star ratings are critical for getting a good rank in Google’s SERPS. Here are some reasons why getting a good score on Google reviews will help your business and what The F.A.M.O.S. Group can do to help you achieve it for yourself.

It Signals to Google That You’re An Authority

Google doesn’t want to put below average sites first on its result pages, but it doesn’t have the time to try out each business for itself to determine its quality. Therefore, it looks at a host of specific details as a way of measuring each local businesses strengths. Not least of these is Google reviews. While there are a number of different rating sites for customers to rank their experience, Google reviews are what Google looks at the most.

Here is some of the data: 64% of websites in the top three positions have a score between four and five stars. Meanwhile, for websites in spots seven through ten, only 59% had that same rating. Furthermore, only 20% of sites in the top three positions of Google’s search results pages had no reviews on Google compared those in spots seven through ten, where 26% of websites had no reviews. Therefore it’s clear that in order to achieve a high position on Google results pages, an excellent star rating is something your business will benefit from greatly.

It Makes Your Business Appear More Trustworthy to Customers

High star ratings are incredibly useful, not only for signaling to Google that your business is a force to be reckoned with but also for letting customers know that your business is one they can trust. Making it to the top of the results pages is only the first step. Once there, you’ll need to make yourself appealing to customers as well, and one of the first things customers see is a rating between one and five stars.

For obvious reasons, sites with higher star ratings are more likely to get clicks than sites with low star ratings. While a click and a sale are two very different actions, think of clicks as the raw material that you need to make sales.

Remember, clients are very wary of wasting their time and money on businesses that won’t give them what they want, so they rely on the opinions of people who have gone before to help them make decisions.

Ultimately, the final word on your company is out of your hands. This may seem daunting, but it’s actually good news for local businesses since there are simple strategies you can use to guarantee top ratings.

It Benefits Your Business Long Term

One of the biggest reasons why high star ratings on Google business reviews are good for your company is that it helps you achieve long-lasting success without continuous labor or ongoing stress. This is because, when your company scores high on Google’s ranking algorithms, it puts your website higher up on Google’s search results pages.

From there, more internet users are going to be directed to your business through their queries and click on your link. The more clicks you receive, the more Google is going to take notice of your website, increasing your SEO and leading again to more clicks.

This domino effect can be used to your advantage as you ride the ranking systems to the top of the search results pages. It’s a long known principle of SEO that clicks turn into more clicks, so make sure that you have a high star rating to stand out from your competitors.

How The F.A.M.O.S. Group can Help

The F.A.M.O.S. Group is a digital marketing company based in Miami, Florida with over 20 years of combined experience with helping companies accumulate immense success. The F.A.M.O.S. Group uses a variety of marketing strategies proven to give your business the attention it needs to generate a significant amount of revenue.

With local & national SEO services, The F.A.M.O.S. Group can help turn your marketing campaigns into sales and sales into positive reviews, increasing your sales even further.

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